Inherent Qualities for a Good Certified Nursing Assistant

Although certification can be quick being a certified nursing assistant is not an easy job. This is a very hard working and dedicated career path, and deals with people from all walks of life who are suffering from all sorts of physical and emotional problems. A good CNA needs to possess the following traits and more.

Good nurses need to be both well trained and fully qualified to do the job right. With the knowledge one gains from a reputable CNA program and a willingness to learn and work, one can become quite skilled in this line of work and have a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Having good communication skills are critical for CNAs. Since the job requires dealing with patients on a regular basis, one needs to be able to speak and listen well, as well as being able to understand and properly interpret needs and expectations regarding patient’s healthcare. This also entails clearly explaining the medical treatments the patient is receiving and is about to receive.

It is also a hallmark of a good CNA to be observant and watchful. Alertness and being mentally active is also crucial to spotting issues with a patient. Even a slight change in the patient’s condition should be easily discerned by the CNA who is on their game and immediately relayed to the RN.

In addition to this, a CNA needs to be an emotionally stable person. Although not every day is going to be as bad as others, this job will have its extremely traumatic moments, including surgeries, deaths and a lot of suffering. Good CNAs need to cope with these stresses well or they will not last long. It’s okay to be human but you need to be able to leave your work at work as often as possible.

The entirety of the nursing profession must keep up solid presence of mind, regardless of the situation and what medical emergency might come up. The CNA needs to be confident in their knowledge, and be able to make crucially important medical decisions correctly without a doctor being around.

Every CNA should also be empathetic, kind and cheerful. Being gentle, calm and kind to patients, even if they are aggressive, is a quality to strive for. It is crucial to understand that what may appear aggressive on the surface may simply be the result of being in pain and scared. Getting angry at the patient helps nothing.

CNAs need to have flexibility with regard to when they work. Medical emergencies happen at any time, and a CNA’s responsibility does not end at a particular time of the day or day of the week. Overnight shifts, weekends and long hours are just a part of the profession.

Good nurses are like angels for their patients. They are depended on, so they need to be dedicated, prompt and skillful to help keep their patients as healthy as possible. If this is right type of job for you and you possess a lot of these inherent qualities you find this job to be exceptionally rewarding.

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