Ethics Requirements within the Nursing Profession and Nursing Jobs

There are values and ethics which form the cornerstones of the nursing profession. Nursing is about far more than just administering medicine, or conducting tasks for the doctor. In the best of cases, nursing is a vocation that some people feel called to do, including helping other people in every possible way.

A nurse of any stripe, and this includes all certified nursing assistants as well, must be:

  • Dependable
  • Selfless
  • Honest
  • Confidential
  • Integrity
  • Many other inherent qualities

Nurses must go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to caring for their patients. This is not just a job, but helping people to heal. For a good nurse, every patient is treated as an extension of themselves. A CNA is on the frontlines just like a nurse and sometimes more so the proper ethics and standard of care talked about for nurses throughout the remainder of this document are just as applicable for the certified nursing assistant.

It is also vital to be professional, and part of that professionalism involves delivering medicine and assistance in a timely fashion. Being knowledgeable about every case under his or her care is part of a nurse’s duty, through everything. Negligence and oversights are not acceptable when people’s health and even lives can hang in the balance. Nurses do not get to be lazy.

Nurses also need to be honest and confidential. You need to know when and if you should pass certain information along, and when revealing information has no place. Providing the best moral support goes hand in hand with providing the best medical support, and that involves letting people keep their private things private.

Nurses must deliver respectful, attentive and most of all effective health care to their patients. This involves life and death situations, and caring and professionalism are not optional. The ethics of nursing extend into everything the nurse does, and go far beyond just delivering good medicine.

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