Free Training Opportunities for the CNA

Being a nurse’s aide is a nice combination of emotional rewards and solid income. All over the country, more and more people are joining the CNA profession through taking training courses. Through working with doctors and nurses, this can be a great springboard into the medical field.

Finding Free CNA Training

There are even free training certification programs to become a nurse’s aide. They can be found in newspapers, online and on job postings in unemployment offices. Of course, this can be a breeding ground for scams and can target less savvy individuals who might be in hard times. In a case like that, what they are told is free ends up requiring a contribution at about the midpoint of the course, meaning they are caught between the rock of paying and the hard place of losing out on their training up to that point.

However, there are genuinely free training programs, as well. For instance, the Red Cross offers free training to those who are interested. This program is respected by most state nursing boards, as well as the majority of health departments.

Nursing Homes May Offer Free CNA Training

Often, nursing homes also offer free classes. For those who are not CNAs and agree to work for the facility for a year or so, these classes are free. The employer picks up the tab for training, testing, and the rest of the certification process for these individuals.

Community Colleges

Some community colleges offer these courses for free as well. While there is a price tag associated with such courses, a student can often pick up a grant which will pay for it, without having to be repaid like a loan would. Even Medicaid will sometimes pay for the classes, or reimburse the student who successfully completes such a course, provided they agree to work in a nursing home.

Conclusions and Final Thoughts

When it comes time to research the CNA training programs that carry no costs, research the group and what they are offering carefully. Since certification of nursing aides is regulated by state nursing boards, they are a good place to start in seeing who can offer legitimate training. It will waste your time to take a course which is not approved, because you will have to take an approved one afterward.

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